QS80 Heart Rate Smart Band Blood Pressure Monitor


  • ★【Extremely Exquisite Workmanship】- QS80 design gives a full consideration of the needs of youth personality changing wristband color to suit your current mood and feeling. From the selection of material to the softness of skin fitted control with safe-imported premium materials. Zero sense to wear it comfortable.
  • ★【IP67 Waterproof Protection】- IP67 waterproof allowing your wearing to wash hands or take a shower, effectively protect the device from brief soaking.
  • ★【Health Data Tracking】- QS80 comes with optical HEART RATE monitoring and BLOOD PRESSURE detection,and is constructed with touch screen display. Check the accurate data at any time which effectively keep the track of your health status.
  • ★【Notification Alert in Time】- Syncs the notifications from incoming calls and the social apps, like whatsapp, skype, facebook and etc. Timely call reminder is convenient to deal with your business.
  • ★【Sleep Monitor Every Night】- Automatically monitors your sleeping every night, analysis of the sleep status: deep sleep, light sleep and awake time. Completely tracking your sleeping, it motivates yourself to get the better rest at night. edometer,Sleep monitor